Tours of Warsaw

Warsaw is a very interesting big city in the center of Europe.
It has been shaped by unique history and is sometimes called “the phoenix city”.

What can you see in Warsaw?
I can offer you different tours, e.g.:

  • quick introduction to Warsaw
  • historic Old Town
  • the Royal tour
  • communist remains
  • World War 2 influences
  • Jewish traits
  • museums of your interest
  • district of Praga – peculiar other side of the river
  • in the footsteps of Frederic Chopin -the Polish piano composer
  • around Warsaw parks -nature in the city
  • cultural life
  • night life
  • sightseeing from a river -along Vistula

and any other tailor-made tours you think of.

Check subpages – to see details of different tours.
PS: I am a certified city guide of Warsaw -I passed a state exam and my license number is: 1351.

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