Other services

What else can I offer – while you are in Warsaw:

  • Consecutive¬†interpretations
  • Written translations
  • Trade fairs assistance
  • Market research and match-making with Polish companies
  • Cultural events recommendation & tickets booking
  • Introduction to Poland – ca. 40-minutes-long presentation (with my laptop & comments)
  • Conversation on many topics about Poland (economy, geography/sightseeing, heritage, society/people) – while you eat lunch or dinner
  • Tours of Poland – assistance with transportation, tickets and guiding
  • Assistance in buying Polish art (traditional beautiful folklore hand-made art by older artists; young art by Polish students &alumnus of Academies of Fine Arts; small antiques objects)
  • Arranging for a dinner in Polish cuisine restaurant -with live performance of dancers and singers of traditional folklore assembly (a show, dancing with traditionally dressed dancers)
  • Setting appointments with high-quality service providers in Warsaw and Lodz (that are a couple of time less expensive than in West Europe or North America), e.g. hair-dressers, dentists, manicurists, masseurs)
  • delivering your documents or parcel (up to 5kg) very fast around Warsaw; parcel delivery within 30min-4hours (with help of my friend, who has been a bike courier for the last 7years, riding 80-120km/day and knowing all addresses by heart and never stuck in traffic. his team is there to help as well)
  • Other assistance – if it is ethical, moral and not against the law

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