About me

I am a city guide of Warsaw at your call.

My name is Marta.
I am 32-years-old Polish female. I speak English fluently, and I am able to communicate in Italiano/Italian and Deutch/German.

VisitingWarsaw.com city guide

Marta, "VisitingWarsaw.com" city guide

My life-mission is to promote Poland to foreigners. I love my fatherland – Poland and I love Warsaw. I like walking in the streets of all districts of Warsaw myself, I like discovering buildings new to me and learning their story. I love taking photos of these buildings, of all urban contrasts and of people in the streets in every-day and untypical situations (in fact, I am addicted to taking photos ;) ). I like talking to people met somewhere in Warsaw -as they can tell me interesting stories and talk about past history. I also love the cultural life of Warsaw, there is so much going on every day (and mostly for free) that my calendar is full of museum events, performances/happenings, public discussions, meetings with known people, exhibitions, concerts, cultural presentations, travellers’ shows, folklore art markets, architecture walks and others ;)
That is why – as a city guide for foreigners – I can show you popular tourist attractions and talk about them, but I can also show some interesting architecture details, tell small interesting stories and anecdotes. (And my father worked in tourism industry for 20 years and is a country-lover, traveller and a Polish mountains (Beskidy) guide -so he used to talk a lot about history, geography and ethnology.)

I am a certified city guide of Warsaw -I passed a State exam and my license number is: 1351.

Moreover, I hold Masters degree in International Business and I have worked in different sectors, in different companies and organisations, in different positions – so I can also talk about economy of Poland and Warsaw.
And that is why I can also be helpful during your business trip to Poland. I can be an interpreter English-Polish-English in business meetings. I can also make a market research before or after your visit to Poland. I can help you in starting export from Poland to your country, or import of some goods to Poland, or even investing in Poland – the country of many opportunities and competitive advantages.
So I can be a kind of business consultant. I can also get you in touch with professional business consultancy agencies in Warsaw.

I am a traveller myself. I have been to 39 countries in 5 continents so far. I usually travel by myself, as backpacker and hitch-hiker, but sometimes also go for package holidays or am in a business trip.
So because of my experience in travelling, in sightseeing, in visiting different places around the world – I can understand your needs as a tourist or a traveller.

So whether you are a business-person attending a conference in Warsaw or coming for business negotiations, or retired person travelling around Europe, or an adult having short holidays in Poland, or a backpacker in your voyage around the world, or a family or a group of friends who came to Warsaw for a weekend break by low-cost airlines, or a family travelling with kids, or anyone else – I can be your CITY GUIDE and take you on a tour around Warsaw :)

Marta :)

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