Poland -Russia football match in Warsaw

on Tuesday 12.June in Warsaw -it was so far the most important Euro match for Polish people. Poland played against Russia. 60thousands people watched the match live at National Stadium, far more than 100thousands watched it in Warsaw Fan Zone, dozens of thousands in Fan Zones in other Polish cities and record 16 milion Poles watched it on TV! I recorded 20sec how Poles cheered Poland’s team in Warsaw:¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJ1n7JDgPTA&feature=plcp

and before the match Polish fans sang Poland’s national anthem twice! :) this is the anthem -when Polish football team was singing it as well on big screens¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fhIfz3iBkk&feature=plcp

The match finished around 11pm in Warsaw. I was in the city center still around midnight. after Poland-Russia match crowds of colourful people were everywhere. some of 60 thousands people who were in the National Stadium walked back across the Poniatowski Bridge and along the main avenue, which was turned into pedestrian-only wide street. some people were joining the rock concert (“T.Love”) in Warsaw Fan Zone (where 150thousands watched the match on huge screens before). the atmosphere was great. it was like a picnic time by night ;) some people were sitting on the grass in the center, others were around the Palace of Culture and Science, others were going to pubs and clubs, others just to take rest. Polish people were asking Russians if they could take photos with them :) that’s the way :) respect.


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