seeing colourful crowds in Warsaw EURO Fan Zone

well, I have liked the Warsaw Fan Zone during Euro Football Cup :)

Everyday there are thousands of people from all around the world. Many times people’s faces are painted in different colours and they have colourful cloth on -it all depends which football team they support. I had no idea there are so many foreigners in Warsaw -and I am happy and proud about it. well, oh maybe I knew there are thousands of foreigners living in Warsaw -but they are never seen in one place and in such number as during watching Euro matches in Fan Zone.

This is great that there are so many Erasmus students on EU scholarships studying in Warsaw. There was around a hundred of Italians and French. There are also hundreds of young Ukrainians coming to Warsaw to study -which is great as well. And in these days, I could see -that it is not only Vietnamese immigrants living in Warsaw, but there are hundreds of Indians, Pakistani, North African and Middle East Arabs, some Africans as well. And than also hundereds of other foreigners, who look like tourists to Warsaw from West Europe (but I’ve also talked to Mexican and Brazilian tourists who travel around Europe -and had planned to visit Poland in the time of Euro Cup here :) ). I think there are also some West-European expats watching matches in Fan Zone, but from what I’ve learnt many of them prefer to watch matches in cozy pubs and restaurants, as they already have their favourite places in Warsaw.

Well, so I have liked checking Warsaw Fan Zone -to see colourful people of the world.
As always, I take photos and I also started taking videos. I film groups of foreign fans who sing anthems of thir countries before matches. I try to catch their happiness after scoared goals as well.

And I put these short videos into my new YouTube channel, which is (there are 9 different national anthems so far).

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